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Key reasons for working with us when undertaking your data-driven marketing technology RFP

We are specialists in guiding clients to solutions for a range of data-driven marketing challenges. Our request for proposal management approach ensures not only the adoption of a robust, tried-and-tested process but also extensive familiarity with available solutions, together with a marketing centric mind-set.

There are a number of benefits to asking us to work with you when running your request for proposal:

Independence We have no formal solution provider relationships, reseller agreements or referral arrangements. Neither do we have our own solutions to try and sell. We bring an entirely objective and independent mind-set to the process.

Experience We have led and been involved with a wide variety of data-driven marketing technology implementations across a range of industries, which enables us to provide an unrivalled perspective on the potential issues and challenges.

Expertise Through our network of subject-matter experts we ensure that regardless of the specific solution in question, we are able to provide the best advice.

Business and marketing focus As marketers ourselves, our approach always keeps the needs of Marketing firmly in mind. Although we ensure that the technical aspects of proposed solutions are thoroughly considered, we make sure too that the business drivers remain in sight.

Flexibility Our business model allows us to assemble and deploy exactly the right skills and capacity to meet the needs of every client, without incurring unnecessary costs or overheads.

Innovation As a result of our independence, expertise and experience, we are free to think outside the box and make recommendations for solutions that might not otherwise seem obvious but deliver the best outcome.

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Our Approach

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