Data Disasters – Protect Yourself

When choosing and selecting data-driven marketing technology, you will need expert advice on protecting your data. This is a complex area and you should engage an expert to develop and implement security policies if you don’t have them already. However marketers should be aware of the top line data security practices that ought be put in place during an implementation, especially one that you are running. Here’s some key areas to look at that will help you oversee the reduction in risk from data disasters.

  1. Know your Data Where is it, how much have you got, what sort of data. You need to know what matters most to your organisation and to the people whose data you have
  2. Backups Everything, yes everything, needs to be part of a robust back up processes. Including those Excel sheets… we know you’ve got them.
  3. Data Architecture Audit Your IT team should have a written record of all the hardware, software, licences, versions, configuration details of all your data-driven marketing technology. There should be more information in their documentation but these are the basics. This should also cover your offsite data and how and when you can access it.
  4. Physical and electronic security We see many businesses who are now weaker on the first than they are on the second. Make sure both areas of security are up to scratch.
  5. Copies Backups fail too. Make sure you have copies of backups and regularly check they are still there.
  6. Test Test and test and test again that your backups and other policies are working.
  7. Insurance And lastly, be sure to check you are insured appropriately for data-related disasters.

If you doubt that your organisation is looking after its data properly, get expert advice. A data disaster can have long lasting implications for the whole business.

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