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This little insight from Datanyze, the marketing technology tracking firm, crossed my path recently. An assessment of the prevalence of marketing automation platform website integration resulted in the somewhat surprising outcome that Hubspot is the leading vendor. An interesting analysis, it perhaps tells us more about the rate of integration of marketing automation with websites than it does about which marketing automation system is leading the way.

As always, there are statistics and statistics. We work with many organisations that have not integrated their marketing automation systems into their websites, for lots of reasons:

  • Using other analytics packages
  • Challenges of data matching between systems
  • Costs of integration
  • Desire to retain manual intervention in the data capture process

In addition, the unspoken truth of course is that so many marketing automation systems are actually still merely being used as email blast tools. Very little true automation is really taking place at all, let alone website integration.

It is noticeable that Hubspot is what we consider a more mid-to-small company application, often used by digital-only marketing organisations and smaller companies. The complexities of integration are much less in those scenarios and many digital-only companies are using Hubspot. In contrast, larger organisations, often using Eloqua, Marketo and others, won’t appear as high on this list because they either achieve integration through alternative mechanisms, haven’t been able to or just don’t want to, yet.

The bottom line though is that marketing automation and website integration is a key element of any deployment that seeks to maximise the value of the investment. It’s crucial to ensure that marketing automation systems are chosen based on solid requirements (something we are passionate about) and ease of integration should be a high priority. Even if email programme activity remains relatively unsophisticated, integrating response capture and lead handling with the website will make a dramatic difference to the benefits of the system.

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