Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 is now available. What does this new version of an old solution bring to the market?

Well according to the press release, it is available as on-premise and partner-hosted options. It integrates better with Yammer, Lync and of course Skype (now owned by Microsoft). There are additional social media capabilities thanks to Microsoft’s alliance with InsideView, though this is really only beneficial to US users. The interface design has been updated and, they assert, customer information is presented on one easier-to-use screen. Templates for industry-specific needs have been added. Mobile clients have been added for Windows 8 tablets and iPad, as well as Windows phones, iPhone and Android phones.

Our view?

The improvements add enhancements but no game-changers to the solution. But Microsoft CRM has been, in our view, a great CRM for organisation-wide CRM needs for some time. It’s affordable, works well in an otherwise Microsoft stack environment, is a familiar interface to users and unlike early versions of MS CRM, now works well for users on PCs and working largely from Outlook and other Microsoft Office suite products. Our doubts remain for choosing MS CRM if it’s only for a sales team, particularly telesales or campaign-based calling. But the expandable nature of the solution and availability of skilled people to help configure and deploy it, make it one to shortlist for most CRM deployments.

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