Round-up: How To Embrace Data-Driven Marketing and other updates

In the first of what we intend to be regular postings, we bring you a round-up of blog posts and articles on the topic of data-driven marketing technology from across the web. We scour the net for the latest thinking so you don’t have to! Here’s what we’ve come across recently…

  • How To Embrace The Five Steps Of Data-Driven Marketing “At its core, data-driven marketing centers on one thing and one thing only: propelling value by engaging customers more effectively,” says Lisa Arthur (@lisaarthur), Chief Marketing Officer at Teradata Applications. Her five part series goes on to explain how to make it happen.
  • What’s Your Marketing Tech Blueprint? Closed-loop marketing software vendor Integrate CMO Scott Vaughan (@ScottAVaughan) explains why “a marketing tech blueprint becomes an essential tool in evaluating, informing and supporting marketing tech spend across the entire organization.”
  • Data-Driven Marketing is Heating Up! Nice Infographic based on the results of a study on data-driven marketing strategies from database marketing platform vendor BlueKai.
  • 14 rules for data-driven, not data-deluded, marketing Well OK, this isn’t that recent, but Chief Marketing Technologist Scott Brinker (@chiefmartec) is always worth a re-read. Here, he outlines “14 rules of thumb to keep that data in perspective, to support a pragmatic approach to data-driven marketing (and avoid data-drowned or data-deluded marketing).”
  • Getting Top-Notch Responses To Your Digital RFP In this rather long but very thorough webinar discussion on RFP preparation, digital agency The Nerdery outline beat practices around compiling an RFP. Although the discussion primarily refers to digital projects, the advice itself is applicable much more widely.
  • Creating a single view of customers Ampersand Commerce Managing Director Darryl Adie (@darryladie) discusses some tips to keep in mind when creating a retail single customer view.

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