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Choosing marketing technology

The selection of a data-driven marketing technology solution provider is challenging, with high stakes for everyone involved. Our new e-book, How to choose a data-driven marketing technology solution provider, looks at how to go about achieving good results Register to download now and also gain access to the complete Percassity RFP Resources Zone.

Working out what’s needed

A crucial initial stage in the process of selecting a data-driven marketing technology solution is determining what is actually needed. Collecting requirements for inclusion in a request for proposal (RFP) can be achieved in many ways and adopting a range of techniques usually makes sense. Our latest Requirements Discovery Briefing outlines a selection from whichContinue Reading

Remember IT when choosing marketing technology

Writing for the Global Marketing Alliance (powered by Direct Marketing International magazine), Simon Daniels highlights another area that represents a common pitfall when selecting a data-driven marketing technology solution. Focusing on the importance of ensuring the involvement of the IT function, Simon points out that while it’s tempting to try and go around this rarelyContinue Reading

How not to do an RFP!

Taking a slightly tongue-in-cheek approach, our latest white paper, Worst practices in RFP management, looks at some of the less advisable approaches we’ve come across when selecting data-driven marketing technology. Discussing the issues and suggested resolutions when running a request for proposal, we hope you can avoid treading where others have gone wrong! Register toContinue Reading

What’s in store for 2013

Percassity Director Simon Daniels has contributed again to Database Marketing magazine’s annual look at what the year ahead holds in store for data-driven marketing. Noting the rise of “big data”, Simon suggests that Marketing must grasp the opportunity to become more accountable and use all this data to its own advantage.

Percassity hits the mark again for the British Library

Percassity worked with the British Library again in 2012 to review the objectives and scope of their Customer Management Programme. Bringing together stakeholders from across the Library, the outcome provided a pragmatic basis for the Library’s future CRM strategy. “Percassity take a very professional approach to their work, frequently checking-in to ensure deliverables are asContinue Reading

Case study: British Library

Recognising the need to refresh its capabilities and approach to emarketing in support of an extensive communications programme across public, academic and business users, the British Library turned to Percassity for advice. Find out more about how we helped choose a new emarketing system and provide additional guidance by visiting the Resource Zone and registeringContinue Reading

Client update: Fairtrade Foundation

Percassity Solutions have returned to the Fairtrade movement, this time with the Fairtrade Foundation itself, the independent non-profit organisation that licenses and develops use of the FAIRTRADE Mark in the UK. We’re reviewing how the Foundation manages audience data across the organisation, including consumers, brands and supporters and will be making data strategy and systemContinue Reading

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Our Approach

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