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BRIEFING: Requirements gathering | No registration required, [ddownload id=”1017″]!

A crucial initial stage in the process of selecting a data-driven marketing technology solution is determining what is actually needed. Collecting requirements for inclusion in a request for proposal (RFP) can be achieved in many ways and adopting a range of techniques usually makes sense – here is a selection from which to choose.


WHITEPAPER: Worst practices in RFP management

Highlighting some of the less advisable approaches we’ve come across when selecting data-driven marketing technology and running a request for proposal, our white paper Worst practices in RFP management discusses some key issues and resolutions. 


TEMPLATE: Request for Proposal Template

Getting started with compiling a request for proposal can feel a little overwhelming. Our RFP template provides an invaluable guide to the key components that need to be compiled into the necessary documentation to be issued to solution providers.  


PLANNING: Discovery session planner

Requirements discovery is a crucial element of the RFP process but is often the most challenging, just in terms of arranging to see the right people. This planner template is a useful starting point for scheduling the necessary interviews and sessions.  



E-BOOK: How to choose a data-driven marketing solution provider

The selection of a data-driven marketing technology solution provider is, at best, challenging. The desire to make a “perfect” choice is driven by both practical and emotional factors, with high stakes for those involved. Our e-book looks at how to go about achieving good results when undertaking a vendor selection.  


WHITEPAPER: Worst practices in Marketing Operations

Many organisations all too frequently appear to adopt practices and approaches that are destined to achieve anything other than the crucial degree of agility required to enable rapid, effective and cost-conscious marketing activity. 

What is an RFP?

What is an RFP?

A well managed RFP leads to better outcomes when choosing data-driven marketing technology. more >>

About Percassity

About Percassity

An independent consultancy, Percassity specialises in request for proposal management. more >>


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