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Our step by step approach to choosing the right data-driven marketing technology solution

Whether an existing system is reaching the end of its operating life or you are looking for an entirely new data-driven marketing solution, the prospect of undertaking a Request for Proposal can be daunting. As well as having to gather requirements, establish suitable solutions and review a stack of proposals, there’s the day job to do as well.

At Percassity Solutions, have wide experience of managing RFPs – both preparation and response – and can help guide you through the minefield of selecting the right solution. We group our activities into a number of stages, allowing you to choose exactly the support needed.

Vision and scoping workshops: Defining the vision for any new initiative is crucial to ensuring a common understanding and clear sense of direction. It is also vital to secure the involvement and commitment of all relevant stakeholders.

What we do: Assist in reviewing and articulating aspirations and expectations for data-driven marketing in a workshop setting, resulting in a clear, shared understanding of vision and scope.

Situation assessment: Ascertaining a suitably thorough understanding of the current situation enables detailed recommendations relating to the wider RFP process to be determined. This covers the people-related aspects of capabilities, skillsets and activities, together with technical considerations of data, systems inter-operation and governance.

What we do: Identify and document the current situation enabling the suitability of existing infrastructure and capabilities to meet on-going requirements to be established. Once complete, recommendations such as whether to enhance or replace existing systems can be made.

Requirements discovery: In order to support an informed decision regarding the selection of a data-driven marketing solution, rigorous requirements discovery is crucial. Relevant requirements include functionality, processes, governance, business rules, training and change implications.

What we do: Undertake interviews with appropriate staff and ascertain current/future requirements, building on previously established vision and scope. Requirements are documented in a form suitable to be used as the basis of a request for proposal to be issued to solution providers.

Technical assessment: A key element of the discovery process involves a more detailed technical architecture review, ensuring that sufficient technical context is given to the requirements.

What we do: Review platform and infrastructure specifications, capabilities and support arrangements, ensuring all relevant details are incorporated into the documentation issued to solution providers.

Solution identification: Once documented, requirements can be matched to suitable solution providers, with options across alternative deployment approaches and cost levels. Importantly, this ensures the robust and transparent selection of candidate solution providers for inclusion in the RFP process.

What we do: Identify potential solutions together with the rationale for their selection, encompassing suitability for defined tasks, robustness and ease of deployment.

RFP compilation and management: Successful solution procurement depends on robust documentation and a carefully managed tendering process, while solution providers need the best information possible to ensure a high quality response.

What we do: Working in conjunction with client staff as appropriate, we compile the request for proposal documentation, before inviting solution providers to submit proposals and cost estimates, managing the entire process including liaison, query resolution and scheduling.

Business case: Demonstrating a compelling justification for making the investment in data-driven technology ensures not only approval for the initiative itself but that the level of funding supports the best solution possible.

What we do: Draw out high level business drivers in order to derive the benefits of a data-driven marketing solution. We aim to identify both cost savings as well as upside commercial benefits.

Proposal review and decision guidance: Once solution provider proposals have been received, we can help review responses and attend final presentations.

What we do: Review submitted proposals and score them against an agreed set of criteria, followed by discussion and guidance on making the final selection decision.


What is an RFP?

What is an RFP?

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